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 Summer 2016
CANTERBURY FOLK FESTIVAL - Ingersoll - July 8 - 5:00 pm
THE HORSESHOE - Toronto - July 20 - 9:50pm
ELORA RIVERFEST AFTER PARTY - Shepherd's Pub - Elora - Aug. 19 - 11pm 
SUNSET ON SUMMER - Bayfield Town Hall - Sept. 3 - 4:30 - 8:00 - w/special guest Josh Geddis











redux: "I just saw the best f***ing band in Canada!" said Tom Wilson of Blackie and the Rodeo Kings back in 1993. History says he was wrong. What happened? The usual... girlfriends, infighting, delusions of grandeur, too much Kraft Dinner and Pizza Hut. While their friends the Gandharvas went on to produce one of the great Canadian songs of the 90's, "The First Day of Spring," Safe As Milk tragically descended into a vicious cycle of adjusted family life.

While they continue to suffer from raging addictions to sleeping in their own beds and watching their kids play sports, their longevity is a byproduct of that fateful day when they sat despondent and without a recording contract (remember those? no you don't) around Doug Breen's kitchen table in 1995. Planning to end it all, they ultimately concluded; "Why???" Not because Tom Wilson was right, though on some nights he may well have been. Oh heck, he was probably drunk.

Does it matter? Not particularly.

Guitarists Bob and Doug Breen were stuck with each other for eternity as first cousins anyway, and when you might be the best f***ing band in Canada, the least you can do for your country is play a few shows a year. Somewhere along the line Rob Blanchette, the guy who co-wrote and played bass on "First Day of Spring," joined them. So did drummer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Matt Weston (The Dyadics). Arguably, they got even better. In 2015 they find themselves playing Toronto clubs again and appearing on main stages at summer festivals. They were seen performing with members of The Beauties and Arcade Fire. Bob sang with Garth Hudson of The Band. Wha???

So what does that make them now? A hot new group? The best f***ing band in the universe? The best band you've never heard of? Guess it depends on which drunk guy you talk to. Regardless, Safe As Milk love each other dearly, at long last seek new musical challenges, and would most like to entertain you...

That's really what it's all about isn't it?

contact: dbreen (at) golfnorth (dot) ca